BioFog Sanitizer Aerosol Range

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BioFog Sanitizer Aerosol Range


Available in 400ml, 120ml and 75ml
Min 95% Alcohol
Added glycerine for moisturising skin


AMA ApprovedBioFog Sanitizer Aerosol Range is formulated with 95% alcohol which kills a broad-spectrum of harmful micro-organisms. It contains glycerine for a moisturizing effect when used on your hands.  This product is great to carry in your bag when doing your daily errands.  BioFog Sanitizer Aerosol Range allows for easy and safe sanitizing; toilet seats, electronic devices, sanitize your hands, public transport, public spaces, etc.

  • Air and surface sanitizer
  • Min 95% alcohol
  • Added glycerine
  • Easy to use
  • No sticky residue
  • Ultra-mist spray