BioFog Hygiene Aerosol Range

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BioFog Hygiene Aerosol Range


Available in 400ml, 120ml and convenient 75ml.
Effective in enclosed spaces and on hard surfaces.
Partial or total release ultra-fine mist fogger.


AMA ApprovedBioFog Hygiene Aerosol Range is an air and surface sanitizer specially formulated with a biocide from a quaternary ammonium compound which removes and prevents the regrowth of algae, mould and fungus.  The sanitizer aerosol fogger can be used as a broad spectrum sanitizer in most applications.

  • Air and surface sanitizer
  • Anti-microbial activity, Kills germs and bacteria
  • Easy to use
  • No sticky residue
  • Ultra-mist fogger, partial or total release
  • Can be used for enclosed, open and hard surfaces

Coverage Area

  • 75ml = roughly 2 x 2 meters, 4m2 / 8m3 (personal spray for use on toilet seats etc.)
  • 120ml = bedroom, small office size, roughly 3 x 3 meters, 9m2 / 20m3
  • 400ml = home, large office size, roughly 5 x 5 meters, 25m2 / 60m3